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PSYC 1002
Jeffrey Mohonogan

Introduction to Psychology II Psychology 1002 I Winter 2014 Instructor: Kim O’Neil E-mail: [email protected] *Please note this is the best way to contact me. Email me directly through your Carleton email account. Office Hours: Tuesday 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Office Location: SSRB 106B Class Time: Thursday 6:05 – 8:55 p.m. Class Location: 2000 Minto Centre Teaching Assistant: TBA Required Textbook: Weiten, W., & McCann, D. (2013). Psychology: Themes and variations (3rd Canadian edition). Toronto: Nelson Education Course Description: The overall purpose of this course is to introduce students to the field of psychology as a social science. Through the use of lectures, class discussions and films, students will have an opportunity to survey psychological research related to social psychology, personality and abnormal psychology. We will examine research being conducted in psychology and the application of that research in the real world. This course is designed for those students considering careers in the discipline of psychology, as well as those students generally interested in the course content. The course is also geared to provide you with the opportunity to prepare yourselves for material covered in other psychology courses. Psyc 1001 is a prerequisite for this course. CU LEARN (to download weekly lecture notes): Your CU LEARN Account for the course cannot be created until you complete your registration and create your Student Computing Account. You must do this to access weekly download notes (available in advance of the lecture). Your grades for midterms will be posted on CU LEARN. However, final course grades will be posted by the Registrar’s Office on Carleton Central not on CU LEARN. It will be your responsibility to ensure you are familiar with CU LEARN. It is your responsibility to keep a record of your midterm grades before the website shuts down. Discussion groups on CU LEARN will be set-up to help you get answers between classes. However topics must be related to course content only. Personal discussions not directly related to the course and inappropriate content are strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. PROACTIVE APPROACHES TO LEARNING: You are strongly encouraged to be proactive in 1 your own learning process in this course. This means you should keep up with your reading, generate questions regarding any material that you are struggling with, and make sure you see me and/or the teaching assistant in our weekly office-hours to clarify anything. Most importantly, begin your studying well in advance of the midterm and the final exam. Passively reading your textbook will not ensure your learning as much as actively grappling with the material, and getting an early start on your studying. Further it is strongly encouraged that you form study groups with your classmates to assist preparing for exams. Course Requirements : There will be 1 midterm exam (Feb. 13 In Class) worth 50% and 1 final exam during the formal exam period, worth 50%. The exams will not be cumulative. Each exam will consist of multiple choice questions. For each of the exams, you will be responsible for all material covered in specified areas of the text and in the lectures. Exams Please bring at least one soft lead pencil (HB), an eraser, and some identification to each exam. Illness and bereavement (with supporting documentation) will be the only excuses accepted for missed exams. If you miss the mid-term exam please obtain the appropriate documentation, and contact the TA immediately to schedule a make-up exam. The make-up exam must be written within 7 days of the original exam. If you miss the final exam, you must apply to write a deferred exam (with appropriate documentation) to the Registerial Services within the time period specified in the current Undergraduate Calendar. Supplemental/grade-raising exams are not offered in this course. Carleton University accommodates students, who by reason of religious obligation, must miss an examination, test or assignment deadline. You must provide sufficient notice (minimum 2 weeks) if you will need such accommodation. Grades Grades are normally made available within two weeks of the exams. Midterm and final exam results will be posted on CU LEARN. Final grades will be made available through Carleton Central. REQUESTS FOR ACADEMIC ACCOMMODATION You may need special arrangements to meet your academic obligations during the term. For an accommodation request the processes are as follows: Pregnancy obligation: write to me with any requests for academic accommodation during the first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to exist. For more details see the Student Guide Religious obligation: write to me with any requests for academic accommodation during the first two weeks of class, or as soon as possible after the need for accommodation is known to exist. For more details see the Student Guide Students with disabilities: The Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities (PMC) provides services to students with Learning Disabilities (LD), psychiatric/mental health disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), chronic medical conditions, and impairments in mobility, hearing, and vision. If you have a disability requiring 2 academic accommodations in this course, please contact PMC at 613-520-6608 or [email protected] for a formal evaluation. If you are already registered with the PMC, contact your PMC coordinator to send me your Letter of Accommodation at the beginning of the term, and no later than two weeks before the first in-class scheduled test or exam requiring accommodation (if applicable). After requesting accommodation from PMC, meet with me to ensure accommodation arrangements are made. Please consult the PMC website for the deadline to request accommodations for the formally- scheduled exam (if applicable). PETITIONS TO DEFER Students unable to complete a final term paper or write a final examination because of illness or other circumstances beyond their control or whose performance on an examination has been impaired by such circumstances may apply within five working days to the Registrar's Office for permission to extend a term paper deadline or to write a deferred examination. A medical certificate or other relevant documentation must fully and specifically support the request. Only deferral petitions submitted to the Registrar's Office will be considered. WITHDRAWAL WITHOUT ACADEMIC PENALTY The last day to withdraw from fall term courses and other courses that end this term without academic penalty is December 9, 2013. The last day to withdraw from winter term courses and two-term courses without academic penalty is April 8, 2014. OFFICIAL FINAL EXAMINATION PERIOD Fall courses: December 11-22, 2013. Winter courses & Full-Term courses: April 11-26, 2014. Examinations are normally held all seven days of the week. For more information on the important dates and deadlines of the academic year, consult the Carleton 2013-2014 calendar. PLAGIARISM The University Senate defines plagiarism as “presenting, whether intentional or not, the ideas, expression of ideas or work of others as one’s own.” This can include: • Reproducing or paraphrasing portions of someone else’s published or unpublished material, regardless of the source, and presenting these as one’s own without proper citation or reference to the original source; • Submitting a take-home examination, essay, laboratory report or other assignment written, in whole or in part, by someone else; • Using ideas or direct, verbatim quotations, or paraphrased material, concepts, or ideas without appropriate acknowledgment in any academic assignment; • Using another’s data or research findings; • Failing to acknowledge sources through the use of proper citations when using another’s works and/or failing to use quotation marks; • Handing in "substantially the same piece of work for academic credit more than once without prior written permis
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