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Social prejudice: Prejudice: affective component - Affective component - Hostile or negative attitude toward a minority - These traits don’t just have to be on surface; based solely on their membership - Prejudice can be positive or negative (prejudice is an attitude) - Prejudice is just one specific type of attitude - Affective -> emotions (anger, disgust, contempt) can have specific feelings Stereotypes: cognitive component; - schema: towards a group of people - stereotype is a specific type of schema - when you have stereotype; you assign identical characteristics to all members of a group positive stereotype: benevolent; “women should be cherished and protected by men” hostile; negative - Many women are actually seeking special favors, such as hiring policies that favor them over men” Discrimination: - behavioral component - Unjustified negative/harmful action toward a member of a group - Discrimination does not benefit Example: racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, weightism Recall that attitudes can be explicit or implicit: Explicit Measure: ask several questions to our self - asking us explicitly - drawback: people might lie when so explicit ,might not be getting a valid measure of prejudice - researches acknowledge this; come at sneakier in Canada there is a focus on: - first nations - black Americans ______ are getting too demanding in their push for equal rights. Someone who is prejudice might feel more open to answering this The study of prejudice lends itself well to implicit measures: - implicit association task; uses reaction time as DV (ms) so fast that ability to control judgments low - we are getting true opinion Step 1: - go as fast as you can; classify pictures - your told your judgments what their interested in - have fingers over two keys - we have multiple trials step 3: categorize the images you see How do researchers measure implicit ageism from this study? What causes prejudice? - the way we organize information - what we believe - the way we conform - affect and mood - the way we assign meaning
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