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Chapter 11 Chronic and Terminal Illness The importance of self management by those with chronic illness is a central concept that is very important in rehabilitationSelf Management refers to involvement of the patient in all aspects of a chronic illness and its implications including medical management changes in social and vocational roles and coping What Is Quality of LifeOne of the most important aspects of QoL is the persons own perception of their own quality of life Self reports are the best predictors of mortality far beyond medical and psychological factors stress worsens the symptoms and leads to many chronic illnesses and since depression and anxiety are common consequences of stress reducing stress can help manage the chronic illness these findings show us the foregrounds of what makes QoLsuch a multifaceted area that involves more than just health Quality of Life several different components such as physical functioning psychological status social functioning and disease or treatment related symptomsThe QoL of someone living with chronic disease is focused more so on how the chronic disease effects how the disease and its treatments interferes with daily life Evaluating Quality of LifeThe best way to understand someones QoL while living with a chronic disease is to compare them to the QoL of the general population accomplished by establishing population standards for evaluating individual or group quality of life scores within the population this method is also used to establish the QoL among different countries Why Study QoLReasons1 Provides important basis for interventions designed to improve quality of life2 QoL measures can help pinpoint which problems are likely to emerge for patients with diseases and can be helpful for anticipating the interventions needed 3 Such measures assess the impact of treatments on quality of life Eg if a cancer treatment has disappointing survival rates and produces adverse side effects the treatment may be more harmful than the disease itself QoL assessments have made this possible
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