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Lecture 5 chapter 5 part 1.docx

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PSYC 2700
Chris Herdman

Lecture 5 Chapter 5: STS I. Review multi-store model of memory Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) - 3 memory (information processing) structures • Sensory memory (registers) • Short-term store • Long-term store Amnesia - Retrograde amnesia • Cannot recall events which occurred prior to pathology - Anterograde amnesia • Cannot recall events which occurred after the pathology - E.g.: HM, Korsakoff patients,Alzheimer’s patients) II. How to differentiate the stores - Encoding - Duration - Capacity - Type of code(s) A. STS encoding - Selective attention • Select information from sensory memory - Retrieve from long term store • This is what allows us to speak. Retrieve words from here. B. STS duration - Peterson and Peterson (1959) • Phase 1  Present 1 CCC – delay (0-15 seconds) – recall  Ex: TZB  Results:  100% recall  People rehearse the CCC in their heads • Phase 2  Present 1 CCC  Delay (0-15 seconds) with intervening task (count backwards at rate of twice per second)  Prevents rehearsal of CCC  Then recall CCC  Results:  The intervening task stopped rehearsal.  Suggests:  Simple decay of CCC in STS  Decay over time if prevent rehearsal C. STS code - Sensory memory • Basic features • Not semantic • Not linguistic - Long term store (LTS) • List of words, recall hours/days later  Intrusion errors usually semantic (when you push people to remember, they remember semantics similar to the items)  Ex: ship for boat - Short term store (STS) • Intrusion errors usually acoustic! • Wickelgren (1965)  List of letters aurally  Substitution errors were acoustic  D for T (sound like the letter)  Afor K  May say “goat” instead of “boat” • Conrad (1964)  Auditory a
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