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3 Apr 2012

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RELI 2732 March 29th
Exam Review:
90 questions- 2 hours to do it
- Hindu funeral ritual important to know
- Differences between Brahmin and atman
- Story of the house of death. Who is the lord of death? What questions are asked?
- Cosmology, 6 realms, 3 forces, no soul idea and wheel of rebirth in Buddhism
How remains of Buddha disposed
Last words of the Buddha , what he died of
- Tibetan Buddhism: Definition of death?
Dying is a process. Light of death= opportunity for liberation.
Bardos (3 of 6 that relate to death). What happens in these states?
Samsara (wheel of birth and death)
- Chinese religions: Yin and Yang (complementary forces, not opposing). Not relate to good and
evil, good is balance of two.
- What are the qualities of Yin and Yang? Yin= lowness, darkness, Yang= highness, lightness, etc.
- How spirit world structured? Bureaucratic structure
- Difference between ghosts and ancestors
- How Yin and Yang relate to death and the soul
- Difference between religious and philosophical Daoism
- Tony Walter’s 3 thesis: Conclusions of the arguments, main points
- Death of Ivan Ilyich: How he finally makes peace with himself and how death appears to him at
the end.
A few quotations in the exam:
- Identify which tradition it comes from
- Clues within the quotations
Tibetan book of the dead Video
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