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SOCI 2445

March 28 2013Prostitution Victor Malerek book The Johns Sex for Sale and the Men Who Buy Itit is not a research book but he claims men are the same and view women the sameno valauble evidence cited by him or research studies by him no empirical evidencehe does not meet any of the criteria of social science research because he only talks about names that he conjurers up and these are supposed to be the male populationno info that prostituion themselves support his thesis or buy into his argumentshe doesnt interview or survey anyone in the fieldhis book focuses on female prostitution demonizes males but a substantitial number of prostitues are male which are totally ignoredhe assumes all women that are prostitutes have been forced into it by organized crime primps sex traffic etche has written a moralistic account he doesnt account for any variation amongst prostitutes as he sees them all the samehe refers to street prostitutes that fit his mould but they comprise less than 7 or 8 across cana
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