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Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 3303

Question A 12 marks 1Name and briefly explain three different characteristics of realtime systems discussed in the lectures You may not select hard or soft as those are dealt with in the next two questions 6 marks 2 marks for each of 3 answersodeal with unpredictable or bursty stimuli we dont know when input will arriveoreliable operation system must be reliableocontinuous operation system must operate continuouslyodeal with failures in components and connections system must function even if some components or connections failodeal with uncertainty in the environment system must function regardless of the outside world temperature rain natural disastersodeal with uncertainties about communications and processing delays system must function even if there are problems in the networkomeet deadlines or produce results on time or timeliness or rapid response system must meet the deadlines at least most of the timeodeal with geographical distribution a realtime system may be geographically distributed eg a networkoadapt over time while continuously operating
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