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WGST 1808 Study Guide - Final Guide: Intersectionality, Masculinity, Essentialism

Women's and Gender Studies
Course Code
WGST 1808
Debra Graham
Study Guide

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Womens Studies Terms For Exam
Feminisms - Theres an s at the end of feminism because there is a lot of different
types of feminisms. Theres a lot that goes into feminism. It is different for
Intersectionality Acknowledging that gender is not the only factor in your social
experience. Also acknowledges sexuality, race, disabilities, etc. Intersectionality is
the idea that other parts of your identity also interact.
- The medical model focuses on the physical and development factors of a
human. Disabled individual body
- The social model focuses on the social impact the disability has on the
person. A disabled society
Hegemonic Masculinity The ideal model of masculinity. The ideal male. Cis and
Binary everything exists as either/or.
Gender Neutral pronouns transsexual people might not want to go by he or she.
There are different acceptable pronouns.
Essentialism The binary view that gender has fixed biological traits that do not
vary. Relies on the binary for everything.
Heteronormativity the idea that everything should be cis-gender and heterosexual.
Heterosexism a better term for homophobia. The discrimination against anyone
who is not heterosexual.
Androcentrism The concept of the social model of our society is constructed
around males. It is male dominance. The male is the center and everyone else is
surrounded around them. Daddys girl is an example because it is good. Mommas
boy is seen as weak.
The different types of colonialism.
Agency The idea that humans are individually responsible for their personal
choices. The idea of being independent. The capacity to make choices and act.
2 Hours; quotes with questions (4 options choose 3: 10 minutes each);
Comparison and contrast (essays back on the 13th) essay (choose 1 out of 2
options 25 minutes); Essay (1 out of 2 45 minutes); Choose 10 out of 12 terms.
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