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1The impact of household cleaners on the environment is minimized because these products are formulateda To work with water and end up in wastewater treatment plantsb Free of chemicalsc With natural ingredients onlyd To change into environmentally friendly ingredients immediately after use2A cationic surfactant isa Positively chargedb Negatively chargedc Both positively and negatively chargedd None of the above3In the process of hair coloring the desired color is obtained bya Oxidation of the natural hair pigmentb Application of an organic synthetic dyec Setting the hair in the desired shaped Treating the hair with a reducing agent4Fragrances in perfumes are generally experienced in three stages or notes because of thea Volatility of the ingredientsb Density of the ingredientsc Price of the ingredientsd Color of the ingredients5Sunscreen products contain chemicals to absorba Microwavesb Vibrationc Infrared radiationd UV Radiation6The effective chemical ingredients in deodorants area Antibacterial agents and perfumesb Water and table saltc Pigmentsd Dyes7Surfactants are effective ina Reducing the density of waterb Increasing the surface tension of waterc Decreasing the surface tension of water moleculesd Heating water molecules8Which ions are responsible for the hardness of watera Na and Kb F and C3c Al and Brd None of the aboveReal answer Ca2 and Mg2 9In the cleaning process the soap or detergent providesa Mechanical interactionb Thermal interactionc Chemical interactiond None of the above10Laundry detergents are formulated by mixing many ingredients because they perform diverse functionsa Trueb False11 Long chain and cyclic structures are common for organic compounds because carbon can forma Ionic bonds with other carbon atomsb Covalent bonds with other carbon atomsc No bonds with other carbon atomsd None of the above12The compound with the formula CHOH is an3a Alcoholb Etherc Amined Ester13The compound with the formula CHOH is an49a Alcoholb Etherc Amined Ester14How many hydrogen atoms are there in a compound with the formula CHCHOH323a 4b 9c 6d 1015How many hydrogen atoms are there in a compound with the formula CHCHNH3232a 4b 9
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