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Summary of ConceptsCommunication Theory Perfect CommunicationTheorists SchrammDefine This concept aims atcommonness in communication It aims at bringing receiver and sender tuned together Importance in ComnRitual model of communicationTheorists WilliamsDefine It focuses on communion community sharing participation and fellowship It aims at maintaining society in time as well as extending it through space It also focuses on a representation of shared beliefs Its about construction and maintenance of an ordered meaningful cultural world that can serve as a control and container for human action Communication is also experience described modified and preserved It is considered learning persuading and exchanging experiences Importance in ComnTransmission model of communication Theorists PetersShannon Weaver Wiener SchrammDefine This model is imparting sending transmitting giving information to others The center of this idea of communication is the transmission of signals or messages over distance for the purpose of control Theorists have a desire of increasing speed and effect of messages as they travel in space It is also about expansion through space in order to control Communication is a process whereby messages are transmitted and distributed in space for the control of distance and people Importance in ComnInterpretive communitiesTheorists Ian Ang Stuart HallDefine Interpretive communities are about shared experiences based on social groupings amongst communities of readerslisteners This concept is related to the Great Divide which refers to a common discourse in society Its about the ways in which a particular group responds to texts based on shared beliefsCyberneticsTheorists WienerDefine Greek word denoting navigation The term denotes the interdisciplinary study of complex interconnected organisms and organizational systems Cybernetics studies the regulation and control of systems Central to this study is the concept of feedbackMore specifically it deals with the ways in which a system makes the necessary adjustments to always achieve equilibrium The simplest cybernetics device is comprised of a sensor a comparator and an activator The sensor provides feedback to the comparator which determines if the machine is deviating or not The comparator then provides guidance to the activator which produces an output that affects the environment Fundamental process outputfeedbackadjustment Homeostasis is achieved through negative feedback Interconnection and intercommunication are key to this system Importance in Comn Wiener stresses that we live in a time where the distinctions between animal human and machine are breaking down We are so integrated in the system and cybernetics helps us understand our role in it Were a simply another element Cybernetics aims at finding equilibrium homeostatis in every system which is exactly what communications is finding a way to solve the communication problem always convey a message in the right way at the right time to the right person and get the right meaning across Communication as mechanism for controlPositivenegative feedbackTheorists WienerDefine Two types of feedback positive and negative Positive feedback encourages the same behaviour to carry on Its like a snowball effect Examples chain reaction population explosion industrial expansion capital invested at compound interest proliferation of cancer cells Negative feedback will correct something in the systems behaviour in order to bring it back to equilibrium homeostasisIt leads to a goalseeking behaviour In a negative loop every variation towards a plus triggers a correctionImportance in Comn It adds the notion of power and control to the field of communication Negative feedback attempts at reducing noise in the system to a minimum therefore relating to ShannonWeavers noise concept
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