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CONCEPTSPERFECT COMMUNICATIONDREAM OFPetersThe idea of perfect communication is that is criticized by Peters is the idea of a perfect communication without any misunderstanding In order to have perfect communication we have to understand the otherness of the individualstelepathy would be the dream of communication when solipsism is is the human condition which prevents us to have perfect communicationimportance there are factors that are uncontrollable and solipsism is one of themRITUAL VIEW OF COMMUNICATIONCareyIts about the purpose of communication Directed not toward the extension of messages in space but toward the maintenance of society in time it is related to ideology and discourse in different waysimportance studying the common understanding of people rather than the transmission of information over a channelTRANSMISSION VIEW OF COMMUNICATIONCareyDissemination of communication through space in purpose of control human desire to increase the speed of a message Ritual exists within it it came firstTRANSMISSION MODEL OF COMMUNICATIONWest and Turnersimilar to the ritual view of communication In a nutshell Sender sends a message to a receiver through a channel The transportation of a message across time and spaceLinear Model Sourcemessagereceiver Occurs in a channel Subject to noiseSCHRAM Adds ENCODING and DECODING to the transmission modelInteractional model Person can be both sender and receiver IM is the sharing of meaning with feedback linking source and receiverField of experience sourceMessage channelFOE receiverfeedbacknoisefeedbackFOE sourceTransactional Model Sourcemessagereceiver FIELD OF EXPERENCEField of experience Culture experience and heredityShared field of experience Are when sender and receivers fields of experience overlap For communication to occur individuals must build SHARED MEANINGIMPORTANCE The transmission model is one of the two major models of communication theory along with the ritual model It offers us a model of the purely mechanical process of communication as the transmission of a message from sender to receiver and forms the basis for all communication Even the ritual model of communication owes its foundation to the transmission modelCOMMUNICATION WEST AND TURNERWest and TurnerThe introduction of communication communication is a process where people use signs to interpret their environment and social and cultural factors affect the effectiveness of communicationAny kind of behavior is communicationCYBERNETICSWienerComparative study of the humans vs machines Machine and human as system We model machines after ourselves WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE NOT SEPARATED FROM MACHINES
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