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CHANDLERManagement and Managerial Enterprise Its all about Growth How can it grow It can grow through related diversification where you can reap the benefits of ECONOMIES OF SCALE the more you produce the cheaper it is and ECONOMIES OF SCOPE You can also grow through being a FIRST MOVER A first mover is a company that makes large investments Because theyre growing they need to develop management structure international marketing and distribution and then finally RD research and development If you lose your chance to be a first mover its harder to catch up These firms are the CHALLENGER These companies cannot achieve longterm success As for UNRELATED DIVERSIFICATION he thinks its a bad strategy GREINER5 key dimensions of organizational development The first is AGE the lifespan of the organization the next is SIZE how big is the organization STAGES OF EVOLUTION STAGES OF REVOLUTION and GROWTH RATE of the industry if its a fast rate you go through the phases much quickerIf its slow it takes longer to go throughTop managers whose style is no longer appropriate should remove themselvesSTAGES OF EVOLUTIONREVOLUTIONCREATIVITY building the company All about makingsellingThe business grows and the manager is lacking leadership This leads to a CRISIS OF LEADERSHIP You need more knowledge that the founder may not have DIRECTION hire someone to leaddirect the organization Its about efficiency But when there are too many rules and procedures people get confused So this leads to CRISIS OF AUTONOMY Employees want to solve issues on their own and the procedures are too rigid They feel restricted DELEGATION you start to see people responsible for specific things Regional managers plant managers etc There is a lot of decentralization This causes a CRISIS OF CONTROL Top managers feel like theyre losing control
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