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COMM 305

Criminologywhat is criminology Criminology is a discipline this discipline looks at the evidence that is given to make use for it in a case It also is a body of knowledge of social phenomenon such as delinquency and crime It looks at the making of law the breaking of lawand the reaction to breaking the lawThis is important because it is concern with the immediate reaction of crime controlCriminal law is a set of specific rules regarding human conduct that applies to all classes and is enforced by punishment and implied by the stateCharacteristics of criminal law 1Publicality important because it requires intervention of politicians 2Specificity Criminal law is very specific when it comes to applying the law where civil law is more general 3Uniformity there are no exceptions made in criminal liability because everyone should be treated equally before the law4Penal sanction violators will be threatened by the state however a correlaction of mens rea and actus reus need to be presentFour principal theories of criminal law 1Classical theory to work collectively to hold people accountable for unjust acts 2Rational process for a unified societyrational people came togetherto ensure certain crimes were dealt with reasonably 3Crystallization of the mores customs and values4Conflicts of interests by different groups conflicts Theoretical approaches difference between criminal and civil lawLecture 2 Evidence based crime research are to inform you what the evidence is 1What is the evidence The results of evidence
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