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Concordia University
COMM 320

CONCORDIA UNIVERSITYCOMPETITIVE THROUGH INNOVATIONA research report on CAE incName 4152013Submitted in compliance of COMM 212 course requirementsCOMM212SecZStudentIDEXECUTIVE SUMMARYCAE is a world renowned company known mainly for flight simulator production and training Originally founded and headquartered in Canada CAE has expanded its business internationally over the past sixty years The purpose of this report is to give an introduction to the company profile by explaining its core values mission global presence general profile and company history Also financial profile is an important key aspect of the companys profit and challenges The research starts by providing a general insight on the companys main business areas its international reputation and later discusses its mission and values to conclude by analyzing its financial aspect Moreover the research discusses the companys competition in a national and international scale advantages over this competition and financial challenges faced by the company presently along with recommendations The following analysis is based on research and official information sources from CAE and targets the abovementioned aspects of the company in a high level A deeper explanation emphasizes the structure of the company the role of its financial department and requirements that an individual must fulfill to be part of the financial life at CAE by launching a successful career in corporate accounting To conclude the report points out the values of practicing finance at a company such as CAE2
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