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HIST 285 Final: Notes of preparation to Final Exam POLI 204

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HIST 285
Jennifer Marla Clamen

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Final Exam Review Short Answer: 5 questions choose 4 1 long answer February 14 April 10 notes Essay: introduction (thesis statement) body conclusion How you integrate the material from the course, lectures, + readings into the essay, and how you support your arguments How to Study: Use the class lectures as a guide to study supplement the class lectures with the reading o If not mentioned in class (or in ppt), then dont need to know that material o Dont know or memorize cases we havent specified o Guest lectures potentially on exam (Jacinthe + Gabrielle) o Dont need to memorize dates (but evolution of laws = important) i.e prostitution laws know oldnew regime o Know name of authors o Know evidence that you know the concept is, and what the law is about; also looking for the relationship between the social and legal contruction of something o Looking for some kind of comprehension that you have the sense of the significance of a social or legal principle why does this matter? Why do we bother? Analytical questions that will ask us to apply our knowledge PART II OF COURSE: Looked at various communities: what does society say about these communities? How is this idea constructed? What kind of ideas and knowledges get created about this community by the way society talks about them? Homelessness: Social Undeserving different categorizing of homelessness the way nonhomeless engage with homeless Public and private space means based on how we understand homeless communities Stereotypes Legal Vagrancy
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