INTE 398 Study Guide - Final Guide: Standard-Definition Television

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Clearly describing cause/effect, impact positive and negative outcomes, etc. Among the 10 suggested topics, we will be given 4, answer 3. Questions from quizzes 1-3 + from previous years (might not see my questions) Cover the entire course (up until lesson 12) 3 350-500 word short essays (10% per essay) #1 the standard definition of aids as changed over the years. Explain why we have a standard definition (give at least three reason) and how/why it changed. #2 name (and explain) three characteristics of hiv that make it difficult to treat biomedically. #6 for a variety of reasons, gay men are often a key population in terms of vulnerability to hiv. Lesson 6 still images (posters, stickers, statues) in public space, not in art studies. Outbreak occurs among men in new york and california - 8 died inside 2 years.

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