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INTE 398 Study Guide - Final Guide: Standard-Definition Television

Interdiscip St
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INTE 398
Karen Herland
Study Guide

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INTE 398 - Final Exam Preparation
Date: April 27th 2017 @ 9:00 am
8.5 x 11 inch
- double sided
- anything goes
Part 1 40%
20 multiple choice questions 2% each
Questions from quizzes 1-3 + from previous years (might not see my questions)
Cover the entire course (up until lesson 12)
Part 2: 30%
3 350-500 word short essays (10% per essay)
- definitions
- using appropriate terms
- clearly describing cause/effect, impact positive and negative outcomes, etc.
- Among the 10 suggested topics, we will be given 4, answer 3
#1 The standard definition of AIDS as changed over the years. Explain why we have a standard
definition (give at least three reason) and how/why it changed.
#2 Name (and explain) three characteristics of HIV that make it difficult to treat biomedically
#3 Who is statistically likely to be living with HIV in Canada?
Who is statistically likely to be living with HIV in Quebec?
Who is statistically likely to be living with HIV is Saskatchewan?
What does this tell us about national statistics?
#4What ways does using the GIPA principle help in developing AIDS policies and programs?
What problems might it raise?
#5 Why was placing artistic commentary in public space a strategy of aids activists? Discuss one
- Lesson 6 still images (posters, stickers, statues) in public space, not in art studies
#6 For a variety of reasons, gay men are often a key population in terms of vulnerability to HIV.
What challenges are involved in reaching this population in Uganda?
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find more resources at
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