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Concordia University
MANA 298

UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS MAY 2010 PROGRAMME BSc (Hons) Business Studies / Management / Management with Finance / Management with Information Systems / Marketing Management / Human Resource Management / Law and Management / Diploma in Human Resource Management MODULE NAME M ARKETINGFUNDAMENTALS DATE Monday MODULE CODE MGT 1203 03 May 2010 TIME 13:30 – 15:30 DURATION 2 Hours Hours NO. OF NO. OF QUESTIONS QUESTIONS SET 4 TO BE ATTEMPTED 3 INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES There are 2 Sections in this paper : Section A and Section B. Section A is COMPULSORY. Section B consists of 3 questionsAnswer ANY TWO (2) questions from Section B. MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS – MGT 1203 SEECTTIONN A - Compulsory [40 marks] Case study - Marketing decisions Highlands University is a medium-sized educational institution which has achieved university status five years It is located in a large city with a considerable commercial and manufacturing infrastructure.The university has tended to concentrate on vocational courses such as woodwork, welding, hospitality, mechanical repair, technical drawing and business and management degree programmes. Because of its relative newness it is not very popular and is yet to acquire a strong academic reputation. With a recent growth in university places available, coupled with a some decline in student demand, Highlands University is currently unable to operate at full capacity. In order to avoid redundancies the university is looking for alternative courses to help them generate both income and students. The Dean recognises that the Faculty has a reasonably strong reputation for its degree programmes including Marketing Management degree. However, this is a full-time programme at undergraduate level. There are
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