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UNIVERSITY OF MAURITIUS FACULTY OF LAW AND MANAGEMENT SECOND SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS MAY 2008 PROGRAMME BSc (HONS) BUSINESS STUDIES - Level 1 BSc (HONS) HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Level 1 BSc (HONS) MANAGEMENT – Level 1 BSc (HONS) MANAGEMENT WITH FINANCE– Level 1 BSc (HONS) MANAGEMENT WITH INFORMATION SYSTEMS - Level 1 BSc (HONS) MARKETING - Level 1 BA (HONS) LAW & MANAGEMENT - Level 1 MODULE NAME MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS DATE TUESDAY MODULE CODE MGT 1203 06 MAY 2008 TIME 13:30 – 15:30 DURATION 2 HOURS HOURS NO. OF 4 NO. OF QUESTIONS 3 QUESTIONS SET TO BE ATTEMPTED INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES This paper consists of Two Sections – Section A and Section B. Section A is COMPULSORY Answer ANY TWO (2)Questions from Section B. MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS - MGT 1203 SECTION A Please read the Case Study below and answer the questions that follow. Case Study : Virgin Cola aims to burst Pepsi bubble. Virgin Cola is making its biggest push so far to catch up with Pepsi Cola. The company owned by Richard Brandson and Cotts, a Canadian drinks company, will double the number of retail outlets this summer after concluding agreements with almost all the leading supermarket chains. The fizzy drink will be sold in Asda, Sa feway, Somerfield and William Morrison by next month, taking sales from 30 per cent of the market to 60. Virgin Cola is already on sale at Tesco and Co-op, but J Sainsbury will not stock the drink as it tries to boost sales of its own-label cola. Nick Kirkbride, the Virgin Cola managing di rector, said : “We have the potential to grow very fast but to do that we have to become available. The quickest way to do that is to go to the supermarkets. Only then you can really compete with Pepsi and Coke on equal terms. “ He said the number of retail outlets carry ing the drink had been restricted at the launch in November 1994 “to figure out if it will work”. Virgin is aiming to overtake Pepsi sales in three years. Currently, Virgin has 5.3 per cent of the market, according to a survey by Nielson. Pepsi stands at 12.7 per cent and Coca Cola at 31.4 per cent. Mr Kirkbride said : “Once the Pepsi bubble has been burst in one country, the world wide opportunities for Virgin Cola begin to look as if they may rival the global success of Virgin in the airline and music industry.” He claimed that if V
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