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POLI 205 Study Guide - International Political Economy, Autarky, Alfred Von Wurzbach

Political Sc
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POLI 205
Axel Huelsemeyer

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International Political Economy is the interaction between States and the market.
2 aspects to know if it is private or public
Who can use it? Can you exclude others?
Who pays for it?
State: produce public goods (cannot exclude anyone from using a public
good, paid for by taxes, citizens and private enterprises uses public goods
(everyone uses them))
oCanada's healthcare
oCourt System
TOTAL PUBLIC GOOD: it is a good that is completely free
-example given in class are the busses in Candiac where people
are free to hop in and out free of charge
States represent PUBLIC good
oThe State regulates private property/market actors
For example, if you buy a CD you should be able to return
it if it is found to be broken. The question is "how involved
should the government be within the context of the
regulations". - We have Protection du Consommateur in
Quebec for instance
Another example would e [partial privatization of
healthcare. i.e. clinics for testing have less waiting time but
costs money whereas doing the test at the hospital is free of
Every Town had different weight a measures
You will always know what is yours and what is mine
We are all member of a certain State and we are all market actors
Public and market can't function without some type of state
The market represents the PRIVATE good.
oExclude people's use
oThe motive is PROFIT
oConcerned about economics
Private property / private merchandise
Needs to have some kind of oversight by the States over Markets
Between Public and Private
oIt's a consensus within the society ex: USA has private healthcare,
Canada s public
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