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THEO 206Lesson 1 The Earliest Christian Writings Videoissue such as the validity of the writings and how genuine are they1 methods of biblical interpretationsee how people have interpreted the bible across timedifferent methods 1 literal take text as faith value and 2 allegorical dont take text as faith value but as an allegory of something else 3 mystical people trying to use the text and apply a deeper understanding of God and spiritual life 4 moral widely used today people trying to get some lessons about spiritual life and how to apply it to their own life moral code of conducttodays more wide spread method is the historical The Christian BibleChristianity is the faith based on Jesus ChristsLifeTeachingsDeathResurrection and ascension into heavenJesus lived some 2000 years agoThe Christian Bible containsOld Testament OTapocrypha deuterocanonical booksNew Testament NT 27 books including 4 Gospels good newsGospel were written some 4050 years after Jesuss deathMethods of Bible Interpretation These methods includeHistorical critical methodLiteral methodAllegorical methodMystical methodMoral methodThe most widespread with scholars today is the historical critical method which looks atHistorical contextoIt looks at how the authors of a particular book have put their writing in the historical context and how exactly we today as scholars can understand the historical context in which something was produced those writings refer to somebody who lived 2000 years ago and so we dont have all the data about who lived there and what happenedits hard task to recompose and bring them togetherIntended audience of the authoroAuthor had in mind Jewish audience that needed to hear about Jesus or GreekRomans people who are not familiar with the writings of the Hebrew bible Desired effect of the author oWhat exactly did the authluor had in mind when he wrote a particular book Was to convert people to convey message of salvation or just provide a parallel that could be used to teach a lesson that could be applied to moral life The GospelsSynoptics Greek for seen togetherMatthew Mt Mark Mk Luke LkMatthew and Luke are based on Mark and Q from the German word QuellesourceThe historical critical method established thatMatthew targets a JewishChristian audience because Jesus is presented as the second Moses and MessiahLuke targets a Gentile audience because it speaks in universal termsThe Gospel of John JnJesus is the eternal Son and Logos or Word of God the incarnate God on EarthThere are also apocryphal or secret gospels attributed to Thomas Peter Mary Magdalena Philip and even Judas most of them come from Gnostic circles and are laterThe evangelists along with their symbols in iconography from the Book of Kells areMatthew the Evangelist symbolized by a man to represent the human nature of ChristMark the Evangelist symbolized by a lion to represent Christ as king
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