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Lesson 6 Inversion of the EmpireRoman ReligionThe Roman Empire was the object of the manifested care of the gods such as JupiterIn order to satisfy the gods cultic intentions developed This aimed to keep the PAX DEORUM the peace of the godsTraditional public worship aimed to keep the pax deorum the peace of the gods If he gods were pleased or placated by the exact performance of religious rites the maintenance of the good fortune of the empire as well as the harmonious balance of the universe was expected to be securedThe Roman religion was complex for it included borrowing traditions and elementsincluding Oriental CultsMade up of a complex of local traditions and inherited or borrowed elementsThis suggests tolerance for other religions that have ancient rootsReligious toleranceRoman RuleWas more than secular It included mandatory participation in public ceremonies and securing the gods protection for the emperorRoman ReligionHad no particular interest in binding doctrinesNonetheless observance was mandatory for everyoneBeyond the recognition of a particular alliance of gods with the fate of the empire and the consequent practice of certain rites Roman religion did not require much and was not particularly interested in binding doctrinesJudaism the JewsWere tolerated for they were a sect with old rootsIf the Jews respected but little loved in Roman society were excepted from even the minimal prescription of outward compliance it was due to the fact that theirs was a culd of ancestral originPersecutions
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