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Dalhousie University
PSYO 2080
Jennifer Stamp

SocialPsychologyThe social worldIs it all in out headsSocial psychology concerned with interpretation of social situation ConstrualWay in which people perceive comprehend and interpret the social world Differences between social psychology and sociology Social psychology How people behave in groups Study individuals Immediate Often use experiments try to use them best way to see cause and effect correlational descriptiveInterest in individual Focus on similarities Common traits or tendencies Sociology How people behave in groupsStudy groupsLonger time frameOften use surveys or archival data Interest in individual Focus on individual differences Private functioning use different methods overlap in topics personality upbringing poverty etc is very important in addiction personality types are predisposed social situations can override personality can be influenced by social situations without knowing The Situation Is often ignored Cant know your own smellFundamental attribution errorTendency to underestimate situational factors and overestimate internal factors when explaining others behavior Social influences situational have a powerful effect on behavior Cooperation vs Competition Ross and Samuels Stanford RAs chose Cooperative peopleCompetitive people Played eitherCommunity gameWall street game Had to hold up red or green redcompete greencooperate People have a tendency to compete The game mattered the mostmore people were competitive in the community gamewall street game less people were to cooperateHow much did personality matter Where construal comes from Basic human motives The need to be accurate about ourselves and our social world Social cognition approachuse short cuts The need to feel good about ourselves Self esteem self justificationdid the right thing People who suffer from mild depression see them selves the way the rest of the world does Sever depression see the world worse than the rest of the world does Need for survival Natural selectioninfluenced our need to be with people and our fears evolutionary psychologygenes dont explain much about social behavior Ted talk Methodology Kitty Genovese John Darley and Bibb Latane Diffusion of responsibility multiple bystanders present and no one feels the responsibility to take charge Hindsight Biaslife is lived forwards but understood backwardsTrying to explain events we do it in hind sight AKA Iknewitallalong phenomenon Common sense Good predictor Great explainer Scientific method in social psychology Collect data to test hypothesis
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