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Morris Marshall

Compared To What We Face Today, What Relevant Circumstances Were Different For Them In The Past? Well today we have good and better tools to build and carve with and there tools where usually hand made, so they weren’t to strong. Also today we have touch screens and TV’s and computers and back then they had no tech at all! So it was hard for them to communicate to their family’s farther away from them. Also now days we use trucks to carry heavy things to different cities but back then they would have to carry it or put it onto a horse wagon. These days it is very is to communicate because we have cars, planes and trains to get to other cities and countries but back then they only had horses or they had to go by foot! Also in the first nations time period they had proper homes to live in but not strong unlike now a days we have well built, strong homes to live in! What Is Happening In That Time Period? The event that occurred was in the time period 1860; Trutch refused to recognize Indian Land and gave it to speculators and settlers. Also by the 1860’s white settlers were putting down roots in Bri
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