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ANTH 201 review for final exam.doc

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ANTH 201
Michael Bisson
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ANTH 201 – Prehistoric Archaeology
Review for the Final Exam: Topics to study for (no numbered questions this time)
Total of 44 questions, some short (one or two points each), with choice of one of 2 long
essay questions (10 points)
Formal exam session so bring McGill ID card and such
- What are band level societies? Characteristics?
- What drives the process of natural selection? (in a general sense)
- Why was there a decline in the quality of life for humans at the advent of
- According to Fagan, why is sendentism necessary in farming?
- How are hominid skeletal characteristics a reflection of their adaptation? Provide
one example
- Know what sinodonty is
- Know what pastoralism is
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ANTH 201 – Prehistoric Archaeology
- Know what the flotation method is in archaeology
- Know what the out-of-Africa model is and be able to discuss it a little
- Give 2 examples of evidence concerning the origins of burial and religious beliefs
in Neanderthals?
- What is mitochondrial DNA
- What is the upper-paleolithic transition according to Fagan?
- Name two archaeological sites associated with the upper-paleolithic, and two types
of art typical of that period
- Characterize and compare the social, economic, and technological organization of
upper-paleolithic European hunter-gatherers and Eurasian hunter-gatherers
McGill University 2
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