ANTH 201 Final: Exam Review

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8 Aug 2016
Exam Review 17:58
-Study the textbook- ********
Trade and Exchange:
Trade and exchange are hard things to recognize in the archaeological
record(without written records)
What we actually find is the movement of objects away from a place of irign
This movement indicates contact and interaction that could include change
and exchange
-Obects(both artefacts and ecofacts) moved from their place of irign:
Source locality of materials the objects is made from(e.g location of clay
source from which a pot is made)
-Contact and interaction: A concept of contact or interaction is more useful
than concepts of trade and exchange as it fits closer to what can be
identified from the actual archaeologiucal data.
Contact also has broader implications as other things can move along with
objects e.g language,ideas,people,genes,style- those things we can use to
look at trade and exchange to provide better information on trade
To identify when movement has occurred we use characterization and
sourcing techniques
There is a range of these techniques each with different properties which
make them useful in different situations
Interpretations and analyses of interaction systems suffer from several
constraints, a key one being equifianlity.
-Characterization and sourcing:
1. Characterization: Identification of material composition or structure of an
2. Sourcing
Methods- optical analysis, thin sections,chemical composition
find more resources at
find more resources at
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