ANTH 202 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Laos, India, Ford Focus

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Archeology: how people lived in the past; material culture, reconstructing societies that no longer exist. Biological/physical: human variation, biological evolution of human species, forensic. Linguistic: how language, behavior and culture are related. Socio-cultural: social + cultural + ethnology firsthand understanding of human life and culture, causes and consequences of social change; fieldwork. Can be anywhere / not only studying marginal groups nowadays / place-based practices & perceptions / participant observation / mixed methods (surveys, interviews ) Participatory mapping different social groups, wealth distribution/ranking within cultures. Research assistants = local people who help with research. Participant intoxication ex: having to adapt to local habits such as drinking a lot. Recognition of people"s time giving back, offering gifts. Rationale for colonialism: non-western countries were seen as less civilized so western countries such as england/france/germany had a moral obligation to help them develop and become + european in a sense white man"s burden.

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