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ANTH 311
Lisa Stevenson

ANTH382AnthropologyPainImageNotesIconophobiaanthropologists afraid of imagesWhy is the visual so troublingForest of BlissTrying to burst its bubbleControversy of no subtitlesincredibly hard for anthropologists see themselves as explainers of contextThe undercurrentcontestatory vain of questioning the mastery of a situation is it really adequate Is there really one way of understanding handprints on the boatDilemma of film as a documentation of reality tht needs an explanation to situate it vs film as artDebate can art be trueCan formulate hypothesis in experimental and ethnographic that open up ways of knowing other than language ways of knowing that are discursiveDo we know thing inwithin our bodyAre there understandings only available and commutable in verbal formAre there things that can be conveyed nonverballyoEx Dead body being draggedoEx Power of SilenceSensory ethnography grabbing viewer in the first 5 min Create a premade audienceWhat does it mean to look differently at a frame and grasp the minute detailsSweetgrassRefusing conventions of nonfiction films no subtitles no extradigetic music no dialog1 What is an image Foundation2 Political use of films how does it intervene in worldmore classically anthropologicalFoucaultWhy the image Why doesnt such psychological meaning remain implicit or alternatively find its way in the limpidity of a verbal implicationPsychological always finds its way most effectively in images different kinds of thinking such as thinking in images Premise 1 2Freud answer 1 The image is a language which expresses without formulating An utterance less transparent for meaning than the word itself oAnswer 2 There is something basic about imagedesireoLanguage is descriptive and a choiceFreuds Nonpathological form of mourning Call it up and distancingFreud uses images of dreamshallucinationsImages dont have to resolve contradictionsFoucaults Example of angry man recognize anger not just by angry words but If it were possible to say it with words the film would be uselessPopulation expression without numbersBirds eye view Indigenous imagining or could actually attainRobert Gardner Paper FallingIrreproducibility feeling it in the tips of your feelings trying to know why it goes where it does tension limitations of possibility humour independency magic weightlessForeign PartsWords dont necessarily motivate structure Soundtrack Noises emphasized music tv car parts breaking reassembling singing planes overheadDialog Sex with a machine Latin music Puerto Rico song familiarization with island Jewish conversationpraying ritual with car parts negotiating price English New York accent guy closing place down I dont wanna work here no more racing for money the more youre harsh the more they no you are ready does drugs got arrested 3 times
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