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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 111
Suzanne Gray

Organism Phylum Arthropoda  Class Crustaceans  Crayfish Brief  Arthropoda has the most diversity out of all invertebrates Description  Cephilization (sensory nerves and central organs are located in the anterior end)  Joint appendages and exoskeleton  Thick, hard chitinous cuticle that provides protection and acts as an External exoskeleton Anatomy  Body region: head and the thorax (celphathornx) two regions are divided by the cervical groove, carapace (dorsal shield that protects the head and the thorax)  Body segments: covered in a thin chitinous layer to provide protection but also permit locomotion  Biramous form: branches (swimmerets, maxillia, uropods, antennules)  Serial homology: similar structures in different segments (pharynx, esophagus, crop, gizzard, intestines)  Rostrum: protective area between the two compound eyes  Abdominal extensor muscles: when these muscles contract, the Movement abdomen straightens  Abdominal flexor muscles: when these muscles contract, the abdomen curls  These muscles assist in locomotion  Backward movement is facilitated by: segmented appendages, thin telson and uropod, extensor and flexor muscles  Male: Reproduction 1. Sperm travels through the semical ducts to the male genital pore 2. 1 swimmerets carry the sperm to the female semical receptacle 3. Fertilization is external  Female: 1. Egg travel from the ovaries through the oviduct into the female genital pore 2. Female stores the sperm and the egg in the semical receptacle for several months 3. Mating occurs in the spring, but sperm and egg are not released until the spring 4. Swimmerets carry the fertilized egg for 6 weeks 5. Several weeks after this, the juvenile crayfish is ready to live
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