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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 200
Francois Fagotto

1 . The tRNA used to prime the reverse transcriptase reactionduring the conversionof the retroviral RNA genome to a double-stranded DNA genome Student Response Value A. is encoded bythe retrovirus B. is also used during the transcriptionof the retroviral reverse transcriptase gene C. is normally used during the translationof host-encoded protein-coding transcripts 100% D. synthesized usingdNTPs E. two of the above Score: 1/1 2 . Ina standard PCR protocol, which is the correct order ofsteps in eachcycle? a. annealing of the primers b. denaturationof the double-stranded DNA template c. extensionbytaq DNA polymerase d. removalof the primer byFEN-1 Student Response Value A. a, c , b, d B. c, b, a, d C. b, a, c 100% D. c, a, b, d E. a, b, c Score: 1/1 3 . Use the figures below to answer the following question. Inorder to clone gene “X”(black rectangle) from the SV40 genome that was digested (i.e. "cut") to completion withthe restrictionendonucleases EcoR1, Sph1 and Pst1, the plasmid vector must also be digested with Student Response Value 1. Pst1 and Sph1 2.EcoR1 and Pst1 100% 3. EcoR1 and Sph1 4. EcoR1 only 5. EcoR1, Pst1 and Sph1 Score: 1/1 4 . Whichofthe following does not involve gap repair? Student Response Value 1. insertion(i.e. "paste") of a DNA transposon 2. base excisionrepair 3. nucleotide excisionrepair proofreading byDNA polymerase delta 100% 4. 5. two of the above Score: 1/1 5 . Whichofthe following DNA repair mechanisms relies ondifferentiating the parentaland daughter strands immediatelyafter DNA replication? Student Response Value 1. error-prone double-stranded break repair byend joining 2. base excisionrepair mismatchexcisionrepair 100% 3. 4. nucleotide excisionrepair 5. two of the above Score: 1/1 6 . Reverse transcriptase has whichcommon feature(s) withDNA polymerase alpha? Student Response Value A. canonly use DNA as a template B. does not require a primer C. incorporates dNTPs 100% D. synthesis occurs 3’ to 5’ E. allof the above Score: 1/1 7 . Deaminationof methyl-cytosine leads to the formationof Student Response Value A. cytosine B. guanine C. uracil D. adenine E. thymine 100% Score: 1/1 8 . How manytypes of fluorescently-labeled reactionproducts will be produced in the following DNA sequencing reaction? Reactiontube contains DNA polymerase, dNTPs (100 mM), fluorescently-labeled ddGTP (1 mM), primer (see below) and template (see below). DNA polymerase, primer and template are not rate limiting in this reaction(i.e., are present in excess in the reaction). primer = 5’-CTTGGCTACTGCATTGGTC-3’ template = 5’-CCGTGATGCAATGGACCAATGCAGTAGCCAAGCTGCT-3’ Please answer witha number only. Student Response Value Correct
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