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Biology (Sci)
BIOL 200
Thomas Bureau

BIOL 200 NOTES thNB Figures refer to the textbook Lodish et al 6 edition Lecture 2 Protein Structure and Function 1 Protein conformationand distinctive chemical properties of amino side chains determine its FUNCTION CENTRAL DOGMA transcription translation DNA mRNAproteinmRNA rRNA tRNAmiRNA snRNAetc We need DNA to make proteins and proteins to make everything elsePROTEIN FUNCTIONS 1 Catalysis Intra and extracellular reactions 2 Structural rigidity 3 Transport Regulate flow of materials across the membrane ex Hemoglobin 4 Regulatory Sensorswitches to control cell function 5 Signaling Transmit external signals to cell interior 6 Motor Motion Shape is importantHemoglobin can bind to oxygenImmunoglobulin can bind to antigens1BIOPOLYMER 2 MONOMERS TOGETHERRemove H from one OH from other to form water Monomers thus join together NucleotidesNucleic acidsMonosaccharidepolysaccharideAmino acidprotein AMINO ACID2Special Amino AcidsGlycine Symmetric amino acidCysteine Sulfhydryl group Can make disulfide bondsgood to stabilize the chain eg cysteine residues keep DNA stuck to chromatinProlineSide chain connected to amine groupCauses kink in protein chains3
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