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McGill University
Biology (Sci)
BIOL 200
Richard Roy

Lecture16- Molecular Genetics Cloning (physically splitting/replacing nucleus/fragment into plasmid) 1 Palindromic sequence Cohesive overhang ends Vector-specialized plasmid Polylinker Labile mRNA Transient transfection Stable transfection (transformation) Fusion protein Qualitative analysis (size, nucleotide composition, conformation, structure) Quantitative analysis (level of product… ie tumor markers) Molecular probes (fluorescent, radioactive) Degenerate pool Alkaline solution Capillary action Blot Hybridazation Non-specific signal Autoradiography Lecture17- Eukaryotic Transcription Compartmentalized transctription (plastid, mitochondria, nucleus) Initiator sequence for transcription Promoter/initiator sequences (TATA box) Preinitiation complex Limiting step in transcription Lecture18- Eukaryotic Transcription 2 Recognition helix of transcription factors Homeotic transformation Homeodomain protein Coactivators Lecture19- RNA Processing 1 RNA-RNA pairing critical for U1 function Contiguous sequence for spiced exons Lecture20- RNA Processing 2 Maturation of nascent transcript Capping Splicing Polyadenylating RNA editing Lecture21- Nucleo-Cytopl Transport Nuclear import of NLS-containing cargo Nuclear export of NES-containing cargo mRNA export mRNP remodelling Lecture22- Protein Synthesis 1 Pre-tRNA processing:  Cleave 5’  Remove an intron  Add CCA to 3’  Modify internal bases Pre-rRNA transcription unit repetive units in nucleolus Prokaryote ribosome:  50S large subunit-5S+23S +31proteins  30S small subunit-16S +21 proteins Eukaryotic ribosome:  60S large subunit-5S +5.8S + 28S+ 50proteins  40S small subunit-18S+ 33 proteins Pre-initiation complex (40S + 3 + 1A + 2-GTP-Met) Initiation complex (40S + 3 + 1A + 2-GTP-Met +4) Shine-Dalgarno box Pairs with 16S Kozak sequence (ACC-AUG-G) Lecture23- Protein Synthesis 2 tRNA processing High energy ester bond Reinitiation/initiation complex Elongation
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