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CHEM 110
Sebastien Breau

1) If a litre of CO2is compared to a litre of H2, both at 25°C and one atmosphere pressure, then: a) there are more H m2lecules than CO mole2ules b) the CO m2lecules are on the average moving more slowly than the H molecu2es c) the mass of one liter of CO 2quals the mass of one liter of H 2 d) the average kinetic energy of the CO m2lecules is greater than that of the H m2lecules e) the CO a2d H mol2cules have the same average speed 2) A 5.00 L container of unknown gas at 25.0 °C has a pressure of 2.45 atm. The mass of the gas is 32.1 g. What gas is in the container? a) NO 2 b) Cl 2 c) SO 2 d) F 2 e) SO 3 3) Consider the following reaction: N 2(g) + 3 H2(g) → 2 NH (3) What volume of NH (g)3can be produced from 200.0 L of H (g) i2 the gases are measured at 350 °C and 400 atm pressure? a) 133.3 L b) 200.0 L c) 66.7 L d) 400.0 L e) 300.0 L 4) Calculate the temperature at which the root-mean-square velocity of carbon dioxide (CO 2) molecules is 500 m s .1 a) 714°C b) 414°C c) 441°C d) 168°C e) 1.62°C 5) Calculate the height of a column of liquid glycerol (d = 1.26 g/cm 3), in meters, required to exert the same pressure as 4.91 m of water. a) 3.65 m b) 5.16 m c) 4.91 m d) 6.19 m e) 3.90 m 6) A 4.00 L sample of N 2g) at 760 mmHg is compressed, at constant temperature, to 3.20 atm. What is the final gas volume? a) 950 L b) 0.771 L c) 1.25 L d) 13.1 L e) 59.6 L 7) What volume would be occupied by 4.8 g of oxygen gas (O )2at 0.50 atm and 133°C? a) 10 L b) 3.3 L c) 13 L d) 19 L e) 6.7 L 8) What is the volume, in L, occupied by a mixture of 16.0 g Ne(g) and 42.0 g Ar(g) at 15.0 atm pressure and 25 °C? a) 94.6 L b) 1.29 L c) 3.01 L d) 0.252 L e) 1.71 L 9) A mercury manometer is used at a barometric pressure of 103.5 kPa. If the mercury level at the open end of the manometer is 50 cm lower than the mercury level at the closed end, as shown, what is the pressure of the enclosed gas? a) 500.0 torr b) 53.50 torr c) 153.5 kPa d) 66.64 kPa e) 36.86 kPa 10)A 40.2 L constant-volume cylinder containing 2.21 mol He is heated until the pressure reaches 4.20 atm. What is the final temperature? a) 658 K b) 931 K c) 804 K d) 1074 K e) 258 K 11)A sample of helium gas occupies a volume of 38 L at 500 torr and 75°C. What volume would the gas occupy at STP? a) 14.7 L b) 19.6 L c) 7.34 L d) 22.4 L e) 73.4 L 12)Which of the following gases is less dense than air? (density of air = 1.3 g/L at STP) a) CO 2 b) NO 3 c) CH 4 d) Cl 2 e) Ar 13)Consider the f
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