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Civil Engineering
CIVE 462
Colin A Rogers

MEMBER FAILUREFAILURE IN AXIAL TENSION TT rf1 in254 mm 1 Gross crosssection yieldingCl 12132 2 Net crosssection fracturea Bolt connection shear lagCl 12332 A080 A nenb Weld connection shear lag 111 Cl 12333 3 Block Shear Failure Bolts 13 Cl 1311 4 Plug shear failure 16Check slenderness ratio300 where r FAILURE IN AXIAL COMPRESSION CC rf1 Axial compressive resistance Considering squash and Euler Buckling 112 Cl 133Get C from HB 424 r2 Check slenderness limits a Member 200where k is found Figure F1 3 Check width to thickness ratios a Flange local buckling Table 1 p 1126 b Web local buckling Table 1 p 1126 4 Torsional or TorsionalFlexural Buckling if not I cruciform or Z sectionFAILURE IN FLEXURE 1 Determine class of beam Check slenderness limit for web and flanges a Lookup class in HB p 55 where bh is in fact bhb b2 elel b Calculate manually using HB p 1127 2 Check moment resistance MM rfa If laterally supported Cl 135 If Grade 350W can find M from Table p 586 rb If NOT laterally supported Cl 136 If Grade 350W can find M from Table p 586 r3 Check shear resistance VV rfa If Grade 50 or 350W Check shear resistance in V HB p 586 rb V Aw F where 090 F066F for 95 of Ibeamswhere A d w for rolled shapes and A d w for plate girders rssyw w c May calculate F by checking hw go to HB p 134 s4 Check deflexionusing specified loads beam allowa Getfrom HB Table D1 allowb Getfrom HB 5146 beam COMBINED AXIAL AND BENDING 1Axial tension and bending Cl 139Notes p 41 2Axial compression and bendingCl 138Notes p 43 a Check CrossSection Strength notes p 410 b Check Overall InPlane Member Strength notes p 419 c Check Flexural or LateralTorsional Buckling Stability notes p 422 BOLTED CONNECTION Can get V and T from Table 34 rr1 Bolt Spacing requirements a Minimum cc spacing pitch27 d bb Maximum edge distance150mm OR 12t where tthickness of outside connected plate c Min edge distTable 6 d Min end dist i If more than 2 bolts in line parallel to loadMin edge dist ii If 1 or 2 bolts15 d b2 Determine bolt connection capacity V and T use resistance per bolt n1 for eccentric loadings rra Bolts in Shear Vand BV rrfi Shear capacity ULSGet from Table 34 Cl 131212 1 Thread NOT intercepted V06b n m A F where 08 get V from Table 34 rbur2 Threds INTERCEPTED V042b n m A F where 08 get V from Table 34 rbur3 If L15dmultiply V by 10750005Ld075 brbii Bearing capacity ULS 1 B3t d n F Cl 131212 where 08 rbrbu briii Slip Critical capacity SLS 1 V053 c k m n A F Cl 131222where c and k from Table 3 F of bolt Table 33 s1sbu1sub Bolts in Tension TT rfi Factored Tensile resistance of a bolt T075A FGet from Table 34 rbbuii Factored Load T f1 No prying action a Force at separation PT 1AA go to p 511 obp2 Prying action TPQ ffa Determine prying using QT pryingi Simple approach go to page 516 in notesii Detailed method go to page HB 320 b Check if Q30 Initial T Cl 265 fiii Check if fatigue loading Cl 265 1 214 MPa for A325 and A325M bolts where TA bbserviceb2 262 MPa for A490 and A490M bolts where TA bbservicebc Combination with bolts in shear and tension i No slip critical connection Cl 131214 1 10where TfFactored tensile load including prying effects
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