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Curriculum and Instruction
EDEC 248
Lerona Dana Lewis

EDEC 248 – Multicultural Education – L. Lewis EDEC 248 DEFINITIONS FOR MIDTERM anti-racist education: advocates the elimination of discriminatory educational practices through changes in schools’ curricula, policies & practices; anti-racism theorists and educators believe that racism is at the root of some of the problems minority students experience in school citizenship education: concerned with rights & responsibilities of citizenship; purpose is to promote knowledge/skills/attitudes conducive to effective participation in civic life critical pedagogy: a school of thought that advocates the examination of the ways power mediates academic success and how challenge and interrogation can interrupt the control dominant society has over educational knowledge; ultimate goal is to eliminate oppression as well as to create a fair & just society through meaningful changes in educational practices discrimination: differential and treatment and denial of rights and liberties on the basis of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, religion & disability; leads to unequal access to education, health care, employment, etc. diversity: a term used to describe the various forms of differences among people, such as race, gender, ability, religion, socioeconomic status & sexual orientation ethnicity: the common beliefs, behaviours and traditions of a group of people sharing a common ancestry, historical experiences & heritage including linguistic, religious & racial identities hegemony: a form of social control that is not based on force; it relies on false consensus that reinforces the power of the dominant group within making the process of control obvious hidden curriculum: what the school unintentionally teaches students through the contents of the curriculum, routines and expected behavioural norms intercultural education: education that fosters cross-cultural understanding; its purpose is generally to foster peace & mutual understanding meritocracy: an ideological view of society as a level playing field in which everyone has an equal chance to succeed regardless of their background, social advantage or disadvantage minority group: a group of people who make up a small proportion of the total population and are physically, socially or culturally different from the majority group; differences sometimes serve as grounds for discrimination, exclusion & subjugation monocultural education: education that is based on a singular worldview multicultural education: a term used to describe a wide range of educational reforms that aim to restructure the curriculum in order to foster respect for cultural diversity & difference amo
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