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McGill University
Mechanical Engineering
MECH 210
Christa Scholtz

MECH 210 Winter 2007 Midterm 2 (Closed book, 50 min. 3 problems, 20 points) Correct free body diagrams are worth between 20% and 30% of the grade for each problem Problem 1: 5 points 1) 10 lb forces are applied at points C and D of a simple snip, as shown right. Compute the compressive force at point A. 2) Now consider the compound snip shown on the right. What force should be applied at points C and D to generate the same compressive force at point A? Problem 2: 7 points Determine the forces in truss members 1 through 7. Problem 3: 8 points This type of catapult was used in antiquity as a siege weapon. A twisted bundle of ropes served as torsional spring to throw stones. 1) The catapult is loaded with a 25 kg rock, as shown below. The spring exerts a 20kN.m moment at point O, and a rope prevents the release at point A. Dete
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