MGCR 382 Study Guide - Unfair Competition, Bretton Woods Conference, International Trade Administration

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Initially investigates complaints from firms affected by alleged unfair trade practices: determine whether an unfair trade practice has occurred, if yes, ita transfer case to us international trade. Commission (itc), an indep us gov agency: step 2: determination by itc, whether us producers suffered material injury . [policy] should countries enforce their unfair trade practice laws: opposition to enforcement. In theory: economists agree with objectives of laws. In practice: argue that these laws do more harm than good for 2 reasons: these are really protectionist trade barriers, harm consumers, advantages & criticisms of these laws self-study, safeguards. Temp rates: 35%, 30%, 25: us steelworkers supported decision, tire resellers lobbied against it. 1949, china established communist gov, agriculture & manufacturing controlled by inefficient state-run industries. 1980-1990, liberalize & adopt export-promotion econ devt model. 2001, joined wto, committed to reducing bte & increasing ip protection.

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