MGCR 382 Study Guide - Dispute Settlement In The World Trade Organization, Asean Free Trade Area, Trade Bloc

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1 major question from today (regional trade agreements, bloc), same number of mcq, 4/5 general questions. Objective 2b: wto . extending the gatt: extending the gatt: other associated agreements (uruguay round extended gatt to cover 3 new areas) Us, canada, mexico all charge 10% tariff to mercedes: e. g. Mercosur (argentina, brazil, paraguay, uruguay, venezuela)"s goal is to become common mkt: e. g. Benelux: belgium, netherlands & luxembourg they"re part of eu too: e. g. Mexico: 1/5 workers employed by export: envr groups feared that polluting us & canadian firms would move to mexico envr side-agreements concluded. Immigration illegal immigrants support us economy by buying goods/services & helping keep prices low with plentiful cheap labour, but some argue us shouldn"t ignore illegal behaviour as this suppresses wages for legal workers. 1974 as an informal body, became official in 2009 when treaty of lisbon entered into force: mbmership: heads-of-state, president of european council, european commission, & eu"s high rep for.

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