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Midterm Exam Notes

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

thGovernment ConferenceNov 7 MIDTERMExecutivehow it functions why why did central agencies come about Federalismcreation and evolutionhierarchal to classical to cooperative federalismo Abolishment of jcpco Creation of welfare stateo Province building o Executive federalism difference between interstate and intrastate federalismIntra provinces represented within a body ex Senate cabinetway for all provinces to be represented in some way Inter relationships between different provinces and the federal governmentWhat does this mean for the supremacy of parliamentExam o Chief of staff most dedicated person in the ministry officeresponsible for staffing and making sure its running efficiently Exempt from all labour laws created by Mulroney to have your fingers in a lot of different bodies always know whats going onMinistry exempt staffer used to perceive Liberal bias o Focus group talk about the cabinet advisory body right now for the PM to make decisions Savoies term for the Cabinet o Senatorial districts only apply
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