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Political Science
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POLI 227
Rex Brynen

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POLI 227 MIDTERM REVIEWMODERNIZATIONDEVELOPMEDEPENDENCYUNDERDEVELOPMNTALENTALOutline Thinks that countries shouldRejects modernization theory follow the path that West tookblames colonizers Must adopt modern valuesBelieve colonialismimperialism political and economic institutionsare what destroyed NICs Education urbanization andWest controls financeeconomy media as agents of change Economic dependence lead toSpecialized and complex political dependence on the Westinstitutions should be put in place Believes foreign countries shouldGrowth in communication invest but not make economic transportation and economic decisions for LDCschange is necessaryHighlights international tradeEssentially social and cultural finance investment economic and changepolitical relationsPlaces blame more on colonies Unequal exchange of goodsSTthemselves not on colonizers 1 Worlds control of technology Colonizers helped developmentand multinational corporationsInternational debtwhen colonizers leave a country countries are still economically dependent on the colonizers Terms of trade from colonizers will deteriorate after colonizers leavedependent on resourcesCriticis Early theory seemed to be Displays LDCs as helpless victimsmcondescending of other cultures Blames all of third world problems culturally biasedon external factors Difficult to differentiate betweenEast Indias economic growth has what traditional values should be confounded theorymodernizedDependency is an approach not a Failed to recognize cultural theorypolitical and economic differences Failed to recognize cultural between countriespolitical and economic differences between countriesSupporSamuel Huntington Countries not open to foreign tevidence that reducing trade investment are the most barriers equals faster economic impoverishedgrowthcountries that rely on primary exports do poorly in economic and social developmentFocusModernization socialTrade and finance multinationals mobilization political international debt class institutionalization exploitationLevel State and societyInternational system and class
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