Jack Snyder - One World, Rival Theories

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Political Science
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POLI 244
Jason Scott Ferrell

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Jack Snyder - One World, Rival Theories - none of the three theories can explain change. Realism: focuses on the shifting of distribution of power amongst states  Instills pragmatic appreciation of the role of power but also warns that the state will suffer if they over reach. Liberalism: highlights the rising number of democracies and the turbulence of democratic transitions.  Highlights cooperative potential of mature democracies, especially when working together through effective institutions  Notes democracies' tendency to crusade against tyrannies and the propensity of emerging democracies to collapse into violent ethnic turmoil Idealism: illuminates changing norms of sovereignty, human rights and international justice as well as the increased potency of religious ideas in politics.  Stresses that a consensus on values must underpin any stable political order.  Recognizes that forging such a consensus often requires an ideological struggle with the potential for conflict. **theories act as a powerful check on each other - they reveal the weaknesses in each others arguments which can lead to misguided policies. Realism  Claimed to be an antidote to the naive belief that international institutions and law alone can preserve peace.  Continued centrality of military strength and persistence of conflict (think china, united states, Germany).  US violent military response to 9/11 attacks  Central battles in "wars of terror" have been fought against two states and that states have led the fight against terrorism.  Stress that policy must be based on
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