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Midterm Review

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Political Science
POLI 346
Mark Brawley

October 15 2010Hello EveryoneHere are the presentation summaries that you have sent me so far Good job with the summaries overall I think they will help The review is set up by lecture ie material related to that lecture as well as anything relevant that you took from lecture which may not be in the readings At the end of each section useful IDs are listed as well as potential questions to think abouts Lots of stuff so take your time but it should be of use Good luckLukeknowing these will help you understand the big picture as wellIDsPearl Harbor The Atlantic Charter Geopolitics Isolationism InterventionismLendLease Agreement Achesons role in itMarshall PlanNorth Atlantic TreatyThe Truman DoctrineGreek civil war and its implications for American Foreign PolicyBretton Woods conferenceMarshall PlanTruman Doctrine Orthodox and Revisionist viewsKorean WarDomino theory Gulf of Tonkin incident and resolution casus belli Dean Acheson 1951 Mutual Defence TreatyContainmentDomino TheoryKorean War1950 1953Vietnam WarNixon DoctrineVietnam SyndromePowell DoctrineNSC 68DeterrenceMADAntiBallistic Missile TreatyPersian Gulf War2002 NSS and 2006 NSS The Atlantic CharterNicholas John Spykman Geography is fateThe Special RelationshipPearl HarborYalta ConferenceRTAAWorld Economic ConferenceNeutrality ActsCordell HullCash and CarryArsenal of DemocracyMarshall PlanGATTIMF IBRD now World BankAchesonLong telegram or X articleKennanCity on a Hill PayneLectureReading Summaries Material for September 22Chapter 6 The Foreign Policy Process Executive Congress IntelligenceChallenge of Foreign Policy to State FormationThe set of institutions and processes that are used as the tools for formulating Foreign Policy were initially used towards dealing with domestic governanceThe foreign policy establishment is a testament to the replacement of an earlier preoccupation with internal issues and legal formalities in response to international circumstancesInterstate relations and the US ConstitutionFounding Fathers saw that States Rights and assemblydriven government had serious drawbacks
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