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POLI 360 - UN Commission on Human Security: Final Report

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Political Science
POLI 360

UN Commission on Human Security Final ReportGlobalization has brought new opportunities but also new challenges Traditional concepts of security focused on the states ability to counter external threats The international community needs a paradigm shift in the concept of security from an emphasis on state security to human security Definition to protect the vital core of all human lives in ways that enhance human freedoms and human fulfilment The state in the current international system remains the fundamental purveyor of security however it often fails to meet its security obligations The idea is for people to be secure not just for territories within borders to be secure 6Human security encompasses the followinghuman rights and freedomshuman dignityprotection from both critical severe and pervasive widespread threatshuman development access to educationhealthcare preventing povertyempowerment of the individualglobal alliance of institutional policies that link individuals to the stateand the state to the global worldcreation of political social environmental economic military and cultural systems that guarantee peoples survival livelihood and dignityExample AfricaHistory of colonialism introduced experiences where the threat to the individuals security came from the state itself These led to notions of security that emphasized the individual citizen and society as a whole rather than the state This is why movements such as womens rights were so intimately linked with the decolonization struggle in Africa Human security does not replace state security These two aspects are mutually dependent State security is a necessary condition for human security but it is not a sufficient condition
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