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POLI 244 - Summary Of Articles And Their Theses (Final Exam Prep)

Political Science
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POLI 244
Stephen Saideman
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Gladwell – How David Beats Goliath
Thesis: “Davids” beat “Goliaths” when they work harder and expend more effort
(full-court press concept), and when they eschew conventionality in favour of
“socially horrific” tactics.
Keck and Sikkink – Transnational Advocacy Networks
in International Politics and Human Rights Advocacy
Networks in Latin America
Transnational Advocacy Networks: voluntary, reciprocal, horizontal, bound
together by shared values, common discourse and dense exchanges of
information and services
1) Quick and credible generation of information and to disseminate it
effectively and efficiently
2) Drawing upon symbols to relate and make comprehensible a situation to an
3) Calling upon powerful actors as leverage to affect a situation
4) Holding actors to account to previous policies/principles
Types of Influence:
1) Generating attention to new issues, and setting agendas to provoke
media attention
2) Pressuring states or supporting other NGOs to affect policy changes
3) Affecting institutional procedures (ex. Including more NGOs in WB
project discussions)
Kilcullen – The Accidental Guerrilla: Fighting Small
Wars in the midst of a Big One
Thesis: terrorist groups like AQ engage in a four-step process: 1) moving into
remote areas to establish presence, 2) spread of influence to country/region at
large, 3) intervention by others to limit terrorist influence, and 4) rejection of
intervening presence, where locals become “accidental guerrillas”, as their
interests are seen as closer to terrorist organizations compared to foreign,
intervening presence.
Also had four ways to think about conflicts:
1) Backlash against globalization (which resulted in global economic disparity
and Western cultural hegemony)
2) Globalized Insurgency (war on terror best understood as large-scale,
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