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PSYC 180
Amir Raz

PSYC180 Clicker Session Questions Which of the following represents a true statement?  Case studies can be used for exploratory analyses Which of the following statements is true?  Homeopathic remedies are largely propagated because of personal oddmatch. Evidence from systematic review on homeopathy suggest that:  Clinical effects of homeopathy are not convincingly different from placebo Coincidence is the opposite of illusory correlation.  True Illusory correlation involves:  Finding an expected correlation in random events The author uses the examples of monkeys throwing darts to illustrate what point?  Chance events may appear to result from predictable factors You are given the task of predicting which side a fair coin will land on 100 times in a row. You are most likely to perform best if:  You choose either heads or tails 100 times Pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where a vague and random stimulus is perceived as significant, is similar to which of the following?  Rorshach (inkblot) test Which of the following can account for our increased tendency not to attribute personal oddmatch to chance?  The vividness effect Because they rely on personal information and professional expertise, clinical predictions are more accurate than actuarial predictions.  False Which of the following concepts allude to the misunderstanding of the role of chance in the world’s events?  Illusory correlation, gambler’s fallacy, the just-world hypothesis Magic is helpful for psychology because:  Magic tricks draw on flaws in our cognitive and perceptual systems Inattentional blindness differs from change blindness in that there is no need to compare the current scene with a scene from memory  True What do the “red dress” trick and the “Vanishing Ball Illusion” have in common?  They both rely on inherent properties of the visual system Magicians and pickpockets are similar in that they sometimes use the same techniques to fool their targets.  True Magicians sometimes take advantage of our propensity to make illusory correlations between events in order to mask their methods.  True Which of the following can we learn from magic tricks?  We have limited capacity for attention  Our decisions are often directed through subtle manipulation  We often base our perceptions on a set of assumptions The “Vanishing Ball Illusion” illustrates which of the following concepts?  The effect of expectation on perception Which of the following is false with regard to magic?  Magicians hide their methods by relying on speed According to Kuhn, which of the following magic methods resemble techniques used in advertising and political propaganda?  Forcing Which of the following is true with regard to magic?  Magic tricks work better when using suggestions and unspoken assumptions rather than direct assertions Which of the following is false about Harry Houdini?  He educated the public about the effects of ether Magicians have more difficult deceiving people with higher IQ scores.  False The history of magic that Joe Schwarcz presented suggests that  Magic allowed to educate the world about certain scientific discoveries A skeptic is someone who refuses to believe extraordinary claims.  False Dr. Schwarcz performed Invisible Deck Effect to illustrate  Why critical thinking is important Which of the following is not an environmental influence on eating habits?  The number of food choices you believe you make per day According to the author, most people use rules of thumb to help monitor the amount of food they eat.  True In study 1, how many food choices did the participant estimate they made versus how many they actually made?  They estimated about 15 choices, they actually made over 200 In study 2, what explanation did most participants offer for eating more?  Most attributed it to hunger Which of the following is true about findings of the studies?  None of the above Food and medicine are strongly related  True Which of the following plays the largest role in determining people’s food choices?  Convenience The blue fries example that Dr. Harris made illustrated which of the following?  The colour of the food influences our eating behaviours Eating as a family usually contributes to development of healthy eating behaviours.  True Dietary habits…  Are among the strongest predictors of long-term health Which of the following may influence our experience of food flavours?  Genes, environment, previous experience (including unconscious experiences) Eating Vitamin C increases life expectancy.  False Which of the following is most likely to reduce blood concentration of LDLs?  Reducing dietary fat intake, increasing dietary fiber intake The “French Paradox” teaches us that…  Portion control and rate of eating can counteract the effects of eating fatty foods Gustatory perception is similar to the placebo effect in that:  Both are influenced by previous experience,
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