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McGill University
PSYC 204
Rhonda Amsel

Test of Means t-distribution  a sampling distribution of means or mean differences from large or small samples  degrees of freedom  the number of values in a calculation that are without restriction paired samples  samples in which a non-arbitrary one-to-one matching of members is possible independent samples  samples in which no matching of members exists homogeneity of variance • an assumption of the independent samples t-test (and of analysis of variance) that states that the population variances are equal • can be tested with an F-test Tests of Variance, Correlation and Frequency F distribution  the distribution of all possible values of the f statistic with v1 = n1 - 1 and v2 = n2 - 1 degrees of freedom x2 distribution • a set of theoretical probability distributions which vary according to the degrees of freedom • used to determine statistical significance of a x2 test contingency table • a bivariate frequency table • a frequency table giving the frequencies in all of the categories of two or more nominal (category) variables tabulated together goodness of fit test • test is applied when you have one categorical variable from a single population • used to determine whether sample data are consistent with a hypothesized distribution
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