PSYC 211 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Magnesium, Apoptosis, Hindbrain

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Mid term review ch 2, 3, 4, 5. Intracellular vs extracellular distribution of ions within a cell. Organic anions (impermeable driving force which makes the inside of the cell to remain negative) and potassium and mostly found in intracellular. Sodium and chloride are mostly found in extracellular. Electrostatic pressure: elements with opposite with charges attract each other and elements with same charges repel each other. **in resting state, the membrane is impermeable to sodium (ion channels are closed when neuron is in resting state) When the membrane depolarizes after an action potential is triggered and so the ion channels will open so sodium will rush in (membrane is permeable when membrane is depolarized) Threshold of excitement: -60 mv, action potential is triggered (+40 mv is the peek) The sodium potassium pump is used in step 6 where 3 na is taken and 2 k is given(pump is important in re-establishing the normative role)