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Perception Final exam description.doc

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McGill University
PSYC 212
Shahin Zangenehpour

← November 17 ← Final Exam Description-> Will be more on the second half, and will have proportionally less questions on chapters that had less lectures devoted to them ← if apparent depth is greater than it really is, we will perceive it to be bigger than it really is • perceived size: size on retina x perceived distance ← contentious whether attention and awareness are necessarily linked ← what is consciousness? • the gap between periods of unconsciousness • subjective experience/qualia • consciousness serves a role in evolution, necessary for processing more complex information there’s some information that we’re not aware of • two images, slightly different, presenting a flash between the two prevents us from perceiving motion and thereby easily finding the difference • experiment where only 50% of people don’t notice that a stranger asking them for directions change after being obscured by a door being carried through, or something • need to attend to something to notice a change ← motion-induced blindness: stop seeing non-moving things if not attending to them when watching a moving stimulus ← how much is processed without awareness? • binocular rivalry • even if we’re not aware of perceiving
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