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Sociology (Arts)
SOCI 386
Marcos Ancelovici

Protest Cycle of the 1960s (Staggenborg) American civil rights movement (as well as American imperialism and the Vietnam War) provoked a protest cycle- gave rise to many other SMs and international appeals Tarrow- protest cycle: a phase of heightened conflict across the social system with a rapid diffusion of collective action from more mobilized to less mobilized sectors; a rapid pace of innovation in the forms of contention, the creation of new or transformed collective action frame; a combination of organized and unorganized participation, and sequences of intensified information flow and interaction between challengers and authorities Protest cycle occurs when the costs of collective action are low and the incentives are high Movements arising at the beginning of a protest cycle are called “early risers” and create master frames that inspire protest and can be adapted to other movements and their visible models of protest tactics are diffused by the mass media McAdam’s “initiator” and “spinoff” movements - Political opportunities are critical to the emergence of initiator movements but not to spinoff movements Tarrow- 3 sets of processes involved in decline of protest cycles: 1) Activists become exhausted 2) Factionalism- movement gets divided between moderates and radicals- radicals may become more violent while moderates turn to institutionalized actions 3) Government authorities repress some movement actions and facili
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