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Laura Parker

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Should space exploration be largely focused on and funded? Journal #2 The question of whether the government should increase spending for space exploration and if it should be a topic of prominence arose in an astronomy lecture and had me contemplating back and forth about my view. There are negative aspects that come from focusing and spending too much money on discovering space, but contrarily there are also many benefits with the potential of drastically changing life on Earth and the human way of living. In this journal I am going to outline what I believe can come out of space exploration as well as the disadvantages of the issue to hopefully come to a concluding standpoint at the end. First and foremost, our Universe is huge and continues to expand leaving the possibility for many discoveries that are beyond our comprehension to be made, and without continuous and increasing funding we would never be able to realize exactly what our Earth has to offer. There is a lot to find out but the real question is - is it worth it? A strong reason, in my opinion, as to why space exploration is beneficial is because of the potential of resources that can be found on other planets that could even open up a new home to the human race (Mars). There has been much concern about saving resources on Earth such as fossil fuels (oil, natural gas, coal) and even water, which makes the need for discoveries that much more important. Another benefit of space exploration with the same level of significance is the ability of detecting certain things that could be of harm to Earth such as supernovas, asteroids, and even vortexes that can be "stopped in their tracks." Space stations have now gained enough funding for research and are able to spot and destroy much of what can cause danger to Earth and the people of the planet. It is presumed that dinosaurs have gone extinct because of such an event where an asteroid hit Earth and wiped out the species (a
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