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Civil Engineering

1 Bacterial decomposition of organic matter in water will increase or decrease dissolved oxygen DO 2 What is BOD and what is its usefulness 3 Indicate 3 diseases caused by sewage 4 Petroleum products and pesticides and inorganic or organic pollutants 5 What is the most obvious point sources of excessive nutrients 6 What is the most notorious nonpoint sources of excessive nutrients 7 What is the most obvious environmental impact of excessive nutrients 8 Indicate two kinds of phytoplankton 9 Indicate two kinds of benthic plans 10 The term oligotrophic means nutrient poor or rich 11 The term eutrophic means nutrient poor or rich 12 The major sources of oxygen in aquatic ecosystems comes froma atmosphere b benthic plants c phytoplankton 13 The real control of eutrophication requires decreasing nutrient and sediment inputs False or True 14 Explain briefly the process of eutrophication and indicate three strategies for controlling eutrophication 15 97 of Earth water is saltwater False or True 16 Fresh water has a salt concentration below 01 true or false 17 Draw water cycle and indicate the three major loops of the water cycle 18 When relative humidity reaches 100 and cooling continues what occurs 19 The rainshadow refers to a region with high or low precipitation or both 20 What is brackish water 21 What proportion of Earth water is used for a irrigation b industry c human consumption 22 What are two technologies used for desalinization
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